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Welcome to Heaven's Little Steps Childcare

Heaven's Little Steps believes that our children are always learning and when we reach them with education at a young age, they are more receptive and capable of learning.  We have a faith based teaching concept that incorporates a basic concept of God and the Bible as well as learning skills for everyday use.  

Heaven's Little Steps focuses on the child's ability to learn and develop his or her own talents at their own rates.  We offer age appropriate curriculums at all levels.

We accept children from ages 12 months to 8 years old and have separate rooms based on age to enhance the learning potential in each child

Heaven's Little Steps also believes that there is a direct correlation to your child's learning and overall enjoyment with the ratio of children to teachers.  That's why we have lower ratios than the state requirements.  We want your child to have a more one on one experience.

Updated By: Michelle Dunn | Time/Date: 1:42pm, 6 21 2023